Hail and welcome to the Pagan Pathway. We're glad to see you've made it this far on your journey with the Gods and hope you choose to continue it with us! We started as a collection of folkish people from all major branches of Indo-European polytheism who met on our discord server where we would discuss what we've studied and what we practice doing in day to day life. After a period of learning and growing a segment of the userbase decided to expand their practice into helping teach and inform others; as they themselves had to learn and struggle to recapture the knowledge and essence of what it means to be a European with a European religion and a pre-Christian worldview.

While Germanic paganism dominates the modern pagan scene we have active communities for Celtic, Hellenic, Roman, Vedic, and Slavic polytheism. In the past it was difficult to find information on these branches; before, you'd only find new age religions, written by Kabbalists and Crowleyites, with all the misconceptions and the post-Christian cultism they spread. Which, we of all people know, is unacceptable. It is when one is trying to find their own path, with their own gods, and the only other followers seem to be disenchanted Neo-Christians, no different than the mainline Christians, discarding our nations to globalism, our holy lands to foreigners, and the destruction of our morality: only for the sake of their own feelings, that we begin to look for a new pathway to old ideas.

Pagan Pathway is a place for articles, discussion, and camaraderie for folkish pagans. Designed to provide an opportunity for people to take back the banner of their ancestors in staunch defiance against the myriad of globalist movements spilling out of the Levant. For those who feel that understandable discomfort turning the other cheek or rejecting the world for the sake of the "kingdom of god under christ" yet are equally horrified by the nihilistic hedonism that the swirling void of atheism represents: It is our mission to provide a way back to folkishness, to taking one's own side, and to being one's own self with one's own nature in all its aspects.

In short? A Pagan Pathway.

- The Adminship

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